Pepys and Charles ll’s Navy, David Davies

Thursday 8th February 2018,  Morning Meeting at RHYC, Woolverstone

1100 for 1130 talk. Lunch available at the RHYC 1300.

David Davies is an historian who has specialised in the Restoration Period. Pepys was a Naval Administrator, Member of Parliament for Harwich & also, briefly, Master of Trinity House. David is also a best-selling author of a series historical fiction (journals of Matthew Quinton) set in the Restoration period, including, most recently, ‘The Devil upon the Wave’ set against the backdrop of the Dutch attacks on the Medway and Landguard Fort.

Talk and lunch £9-50, talk only £5-00.

You can book the event via the RHYC website. If in difficulty call the office between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday on 01473 780 319 and they will be happy to help.