Lectures & Seminars

'Allo, 'Allo: the Story of Communications, Jeremy Batch

Start date: 07/02/2018

To send a signal from your boat to the Moon was once thought more likely than reaching another ship below the horizon; talking to (let alone seeing) your granny on the other side of the Earth was...

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Sea Road to the Isles, Philip and Richard Crockatt

Start date: 14/02/2018

Philip and Richard will present episodes from the award winning log of their 600 mile cruise in a Rustler 31 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, to Ardfern, in the Western Isles of Scotland during the...

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Antigua to Auckland, Nicky and Charles Manby

Start date: 21/02/2018

Nicky and Charles participated in the Oyster World Rally from Antigua to Auckland from January to October 2017 on their 575 Calliope. The sailing had its moments with a broken gooseneck and genoa...

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Cruising in Brazil, James Collier

Start date: 28/02/2018

James spent six months cruising in Brazil during 2016, including Rio during the Olympic games. During his time there he got to grips with the peculiarities of checking in and out, laying up a boat in...

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Take time for the West Baltic, John Brand

Start date: 07/03/2018

John and Kyla Brand explored the Baltic coasts of Denmark and Germany in 2014, 2015 and 2017. This delightful cruising ground offers welcoming harbours, gentle scenery, pretty villages and historic...

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Travels with Tilman, Bob Comlay

Start date: 14/03/2018

Bob Comlay was one of only a handful of crew-members who returned for a second voyage with Bill Tilman, earning a level of trust that gives him unique insight into the true character of this self-...

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The Aegean and the Corinth Canal, Keith Pettican

Start date: 21/03/2018

Keith’s talk will illustrate the passage from the Aegean in the east to the Ionian in the west of mainland Greece, taking in three world heritage sites, as well as transiting the spectacular Corinth...

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