Baltic Section Introduction

Riga Rally
Welcome to the Baltic Section

Baltic Section was formed in 2000 following the Baltic Millennium Rally and now has an international membership of almost 900. Attracted by the area’s reputation for scenic beauty and cultural interest, each year many new skippers and crews set off for the first time whilst others overwinter and possibly stay for several years. Most turn to the CA’s Baltic Section for information and advice.

Baltic Section's "Empire"

Baltic Section looks after the interests of members sailing in the ten countries bordering the Baltic Sea - Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. With their Nordic links, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are also part of our area of responsibility.

Where we Meet

During the winter the Section provides a series of lectures and social events at CA House in London. One of the Section's most important events is the full-day Baltic Seminar in mid-February. In summer Rallies are organised in Baltic waters.

Being part of our Section

Members have access to a wealth of information which the Section has accumulated and, through research and regular visits together with the support of a network of over 30 local representatives, are kept informed about new legislation, changes to harbours, new publications, discounts available and much more. Baltic Section provides Cruising Guides and Cruising Information documents on a range of topics necessary for visitors. Information is available through the Section's Baltic Newsletter, the website and the forum BalticNet. Members meet and make friends at rallies in the Baltic and meetings and social events in UK.

The Section represents CA and UK on the Baltic Sea Cruising Network whose members are the major yachting organisations of the countries in the region. Delegates meet annually but maintain regular contact to exchange information. Associations have also been formed with many of these organisations enabling Baltic Section members access to some private club facilities otherwise not available to the cruising yachtsman.

Forthcoming Events

This year, in a new innovation, the Baltic Section is presenting a series of one-day information days, each of which will concentrate on specific countries of the region.

Saturday 11th February 2017 – Baltic Seminar

A whole day event including presentations on Baltic sailing, country-specific stalls, bring and buy sale of charts and nautical equipment - a must for those going to the Baltic for the first time or anyone wishing to explore further. See details here.

Saturday 4th March 2017- Baltic States Information Day (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Further details can be found here.

Friday 23rd June - Sunday 2nd July 2017 - Baltic Section Rally - Estonia 2017

The 2017 Baltic Section Rally will be a cruise-in-company from Kuressaare to Tallinn in Estonia.

Further details can be found here.

To see seminars and lectures organised by members of the CA see here.

Interested in Finding Out More?

Please contact the Section Secretaries, Graham and Fay Cattell, at or the CA Staff on or +44 (0) 207 537 2828