Captain's Mate App

Available to download at the online Itunes & play store for members only
Getting the best from the CAptain's Mate App
Since 1908 the CA has been encouraging members to send in ‘Cruising Reports’ – information on harbours and anchorages that can supplement the available pilot books by providing first hand experiences. The information is regularly reviewed and updated. For some years these reports have been available exclusively online, but now you can take them with you.
The Captains Mate is an App running on Apple and Android devices.
Free to download, it stores the thousands of CA member reports in an easy to find and read format. The App has an interactive map to assist in selecting the information you need, as well as using the internal GPS to identify the reports nearest to you. The information is available to you even if you do not have connection to the Internet.

You can also use the App to contribute, by either sending in a new report yourself or commenting on an existing one. Your report is automatically sent to other App users for them to read.
The CM is available to CA members only, and you need a MyCA (Website) account to activate it.

CA Members without a MyCA account, please contact the CA Office
CAptain's Mate App available for smart phones or tablets
  • Quickly locate and display harbours of interest
  • Uses the internal GPS to assist finding a report.
  • Add ‘comments’ to existing reports which are instantly visible to other CA members.
  • Add your own report.
  • Uses a special low-cost protocol to talk to the CA.
  • Works even out of radio range.
  • More Features coming soon including CA HLR and Membership Directories.