Introduction to the CA Website

About the Website

This website contains many pages of useful information from those who are learning to sail to people 'living the dream' and cruising full time.

What you see when you open the website depends on whether you are a member (or crewing member) and when you last logged in.


If you are not a member you will see our public pages which are designed to help you decide whether you would like to join us. You can see the benefits of membership and if you click on the Cruising Information link, you can see extracts of the information available to members

There are details of future events, including seminars and lectures, and most events be attended by members and non-members.  You can also purchase items from the CA Shop.

You are able to join the CA using the link at the top of the page, or join our crewing service if you would like to crew for CA skippers.

Crewing Service Members

If you have joined the Crewing Service and see the login button at the top of the page, you are not logged in. Once you are logged in you will see the public pages, but also be able to see pages related to the Crewing Service. These include the Skipper Details, a page to update your own Crewing entry and the Crewing Service forum where you can see if skippers have placed ads for specific cruises. The dates of the Crewing Service meetings are shown on the website.


The Members' area of the website (also known as MyCA) is where all the useful information can be found related to cruising and membership of the CA.

Your session will stay open for 3 days after you last used the site, but after that time you will need to log in again. If you are not logged in you will see the non-member pages. You should log in using your username which is generally your first and last names, NOT your email address. If you are having problems logging in please click here for help.

If you wish to purchase items from the CA Shop, please log in first as many publications (eg the Almanac) are sold at discount to members.


Finding your way around

There are several ways to find information and these are all discussed on the help pages. The primary methods are:

  • Menus - hover over a menu at the top of the page to see the sub-menu and then click as appropriate. You can access the same information from the Sitemap link at the bottom of every page
  • Links - there are links throughout the site to pages within this site or on other sites (a new tab should open)
  • Search - when logged in there is a search facility
  • A breadcrumb trail at the top of many pages allows you to navigate to the next page up in a hierarchy